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Star Wars Legion: Jakku Game Mat

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Zawartość pudełka:

  • mata o wymiarach 91,4 cm x 91,4 cm

Dodatkowe informacje:

Fantasy Flight Supply

Pole bitwy idealne do odnoszenia wielkich zwycięstw!

This playmat offers a 3’ x 3’ slip resistant play area for you to play out your Star Wars: Legion battles right on your tabletop. What’s more, this mat is designed to be easily combined with others to create a 3’ x 6’ area perfect for standard-sized games.

Star Wars Legion: Jakku Game Mat transports your troops to the remote desert planet to battle among the windswept dunes. The planet’s wide spaces make for a sweeping and iconic vista, whether your troops are using its scorched badlands to flank your opponent or set up an ambush.

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