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Marvel Champions: NeXt Evolution Expansion

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Marvel Champions: The Card Game Uwaga! To nie jest samodzielna gra! Do rozgrywki wymagana jest podstawowa wersja gry: Marvel Champions: The Card Game.
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Fantasy Flight Games

Szóste rozszerzenie kampanii do Marvel Champions: The Card Game!

I’m the Juggernaut! Ain't nothin' - ain't nobody - can beat me!

- Cain Marko

Here comes X-Force! As the campaign expansion for the seventh wave of content for Marvel Champions: The Card Game, the Marvel Champions: NeXt Evolution Expansion charges onto the scene with iconic heroes and villains from Marvel’s hotshot team of mutant heroes. Take on side missions as the unflappable Cable and use fortune in your favor with the incredibly-lucky Domino, both of whom come with pre-built and ready-to-play decks packed to the brim with new cards. This expansion also introduces a brand-new card type: the player side scheme, which functions as a “side mission” that players can work to complete for huge rewards.

Marvel Champions: NeXt Evolution Expansion comes with five exciting new scenarios that pit players against some of X-Force’s most iconic foes, such as the Marauders, Juggernaut, Mister Sinister, and Stryfe! These scenarios can be challenged on their own in any order, or you can take them on in sequence as part of an epic, cinematic campaign.

Join Cable’s team of hardened heroes and uncover who wants to kidnap his adopted daughter, Hope Summers. Can you thwart this diabolical plot and save Hope?

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