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Marvel: Crisis Protocol - Blob & Pyro

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  • plastikowe elementy do samodzielnego złożenia i pomalowania figurek
  • 2 plastikowe podstawki
  • karty

Dodatkowe informacje:

Atomic Mass Games

Dwójka z nadludzkimi zdolnościami

The immovable Blob and fiery Pyro make their Marvel: Crisis Protocol debut in this new pack! Fred Dukes, known to many as the “Blob,” has the superhuman ability to become virtually immovable at a whim while in touch with the earth. Joining him is St. John Allerdyce, more commonly known as Pyro. Allerdyce can shape fire, increasing or diminishing its heat, intensity, and size, making him a menacing addition to any team. Together, these characters supplement the Brotherhood of Mutants Affiliation with their mutant abilities and three Team Tactic cards that give them even more ways to work together with their teammates.

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