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Star Wars: Legion - Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion

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  • figurki do samodzielnego pomalowania
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Fantasy Flight Games

Elitarne jednostki gotowe do walki

Phase II clone trooper armor reflected one of the Republic's greatest technological successes and included advanced tactical gear that further augmented the clone troopers' individual strengths.

Additionally, the clones wearing this armor were themselves better trained and more experienced than those first deployed at the start of the war.

Within the Star Wars: Legion - Phase II Clone Troopers Unit Expansion, you'll find everything you need to deploy an elite corps unit of Phase II Clone Troopers, including seven Phase II Clone Trooper miniatures featuring a variety of customization options.

First, the unit's leader can be assembled with or without his helmet. Similarly, a Z-6 Phase II Trooper can be built with or without his helmet or, if you choose, he can carry his signature Z-6 Rotary Blaster or the standard DC-15A Blaster Rifle. Finally, a Phase II Mortar Trooper can lug his mortar into battle stowed on his back or appear with the mortar fully deployed.

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