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Army Painter: Colour Primer - Rack Upgrade Box

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  • 2x Greedy Gold
  • 1x Ash Grey
  • 1x Oak Brown
  • 2x Brainmatter Beige

Dodatkowe informacje:

The Army Painter

Malowanie miniatur będzie jeszcze prostsze

Our beloved Colour Primer range has been a leading category and this true 2-in-1 primer and base coat solution is the first step in helping you Get More Time for Gaming. This year, we’re revisiting the range and revamping it by introducing 4 new awesome colours; Greedy Gold, Ash Grey, Oak Brown and Brainmatter Beige.

Three of the new Colour Primers are created with the same unique formula as you know from our other Colour Primers with a matt finish, whereas the Greedy Gold features a unique formulation specially designed to make the fine golden metal flake shimmer. Perfect for throne guardians, knights, and royal robotic armies. The Colour Primers are designed to be used on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish.

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